What is a Book Sleeve and Why do I Need One?

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If you have never used a book sleeve before, you are probably thinking to yourself, why do I need to put my books in fabric sleeves when I travel? The simple answer is this; it protects your books from the elements in the world. Have you ever slipped your book into your backpack and had the cover (or worse, book jacket) crushed or bent? The book sleeve will prevent your covers and pages of your most prized possessions from situations like this and keeps them looking brand new! Plus they are a fun accessory to have! Get one to match your backpack for school or a tote bag you recently got a book festival!

Where should I use my book sleeves?

If you read through Etsy listings for book sleeves you will find that a lot of shops suggest using your book sleeves for travel, but you don’t have to be a world traveler to take advantage of book sleeves. Protecting your books in your backpack at school, in your purse at work, or in your luggage on a road trip are all equally important! Your backpack gets jostled and thrown around a lot on your way to and from school. Having your current read in a book sleeve will help make sure that your book stays looking new!

Why use a book sleeve?

Books are expensive! If you don’t hold onto your books but instead resell them or trade them (either with friends or online) you want to make sure your books stay in pristine condition and hold their value. Using a book sleeve will help keep your books protected. Picking a book sleeve that matches your personal style allows you to turn your books into another accessory piece. If you post photos of your books online, book sleeves create great props for the backgrounds of #bookstagram photos!

What makes Sew Cal Girls Book Sleeves special?

Each of our book sleeves is handmade with love in sunny Southern California!

We choose high quality modern cotton fabrics to give you a variety of options and allow you to find a book sleeve that matches your fabric. We pad each and everyone of our book sleeves with soft padding and iron it in place to make sure it won’t shift over time. Every book sleeve is lined with a coordinating fabric making sure there are no raw edges.

Caring for our book sleeves is easy. You can hand wash or gently machine wash your book sleeve with similar colors and hang to dry. If your book sleeve wrinkles from use over time or from washing it, simply take a medium heat iron and iron out the wrinkles! Our book sleeves can hold multiple soft cover thin books, or one thicker book, or hardback book. Outside dimensions of our book sleeve is 10” X 8”.

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