Top 15 Podcasts to Listen to While Sewing

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What’s your favorite thing to watch or listen to while you sew? If you haven’t tried listening to podcasts while you sew yet I highly recommend them! There is a podcast about almost anything these days! Here are some of my favorite podcasts.

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PJ and Alex take you on a journey to explore the world through the internet. From figuring out who those annoying spam calls are from (and going all the way to India to see the Call Center) to understanding why the DMV is SUCH a pain, the podcast is full of laughs, while at the same time learning how the internet shapes the world that we live in!


Ever since Serial, the true crime podcast genre has exploded, Criminal takes a refreshing look at every aspect of crime and tells untold stories you have never heard before. Phoebe Judge does an amazing job of telling stories from an illegally placed Buddha to the mysterious bump in the night!


“Millennial” has somehow been turned into a bad word. Megan Tan tells her and others stories of coming of age. Megan’s brutal honesty about what it is like today to becoming an adult gives a unique voice to the Millennial generation.

Missing Richard Simmons

Have you noticed that Richard Simmons hasn’t been around at all lately? Dan Taberski tries to discover exactly where Richard Simmons has been the past few years. Has he really just been taking some time off from the public eye or is there a more sinister reason as to why no one, not even his closest friends has seen Simmons lately?

Ear Hustle

Another AMAZING true crime podcast made by the inmates of San Quentin. This unique insight into what life is like inside prison is unlike anything else. Stories of Cellies, Prison Pets, and the SHU allow the audience a unique look into what prison is truly like.

The Pitch

If you are a fan of Shark Tank you will be a fan of “The Pitch.” Entrepreneurs pitch a panel of venture funds for the possibility of funding. The founders give an inside look to what the “startup life” is like. One of the most interesting aspects of the show is when host Josh Muccio follows up with the founders about what life has been like since they pitched the investors.

Modern Sewciety

One of the best quilting podcasts out there is Modern Sewciety, Stephanie hosts amazing guests and learns about the people behind some of the big hitters in the Modern Quilting Scene. Stephanies conversations with people are not only insightful but funny.

S Town

If you were a fan of Serial and you haven’t listened to S-town yet, you need to download the series! This story John, a man who despises this small town in Alabama. The story takes an unexpected turn and a hunt for treasure ensues.  

In The Dark

One of the most notorious child abduction cases was the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling. Madeleine Baran takes a deep look at what went wrong all those years ago and the lessons that can be learned from those mistakes.

Creative Women's League

The Creative Women’s League is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Kate talks with a variety of kick ass women who live creative lives every day. Her conversation with Suzy Quilts was an amazingly honest conversation about all things quilty!


99.99% of podcasts that I listen to are non-fiction but, Homecoming is the one exception, the cast of superstars does an amazing job of portraying this psychological thriller.

The Intern

Have you ever wondered what’s like to try and make it in New York City in the tech and media scene? Allison takes you along on her adventure through discovering what she should do for the rest of her life.

CreativeMornings Podcast

If you haven’t heard of Creative Mornings it is a monthly talk that happens in cities all over the world on the same day about the same topic. Their podcast features some of the past talks and then follows up with the speaker. If you need a dose of creative inspiration this is a great podcast to listen to!

Hashtag Authentic

Sara Tasker explores the secrets to success with online creative influencers. Sara gets her guests to spill some of their best secrets for online success. At the very least you will find some new amazing content creators to follow on instagram!

Put Your Hands Together with Cam and Rhea

Finally, if you need a bit of a laugh (ok you might end up on the floor laughing so hard you cry) while you sew this is one of the funniest podcasts. Eavesdrop on the weekly Put Your Hands Together stand up comedy show.


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