Top 5 Gifts for the Reader on Your List

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Top 5 Gifts for the Reader on Your List

Are you stuck on what to get the reader on your Christmas List this year? Do they seem to just fly through books so standing in the bookstore looking at their favorite genre wondering if they have read the book you picked out just seems like a waste of time? We know the feeling! We have compiled a list of five items (plus one bonus item) to get the reader in your life! 

1. Kindle

If the reader you are shopping for just can’t stop reading a good gift is a Kindle. With tons of storage the Kindles allows readers to take tons of books with them wherever they go without having to weigh themselves down by carrying the actual books. If your reader is also a Prime Member they can read LOTS of books for free with Prime Reading.


2. Book Sleeves

A lot of readers want their books to stay in perfect condition but at the same time want to be able to take their books with them wherever they go. Book Sleeves are the perfect gift to protect your readers books from utter destruction in the purse or backpack. Made from premium cotton material and soft padding to protect the books, Sew Cal Girls Book Sleeves allow readers to throw their books into their bags without having to think twice about it!


3. A book you read this year

If you read an amazing book this year share it with your reader! This gift means more than just the price of the book because your reader will know that you took the time to think of them while you were reading the book. At the same time if a book is on pre-order from their favorite author or series pre-ordering them the book so they get it the first day it is released can be a gift that you can give now but they get to receive later!

4. Reading Light

Is your reader constantly trying to read “just one more chapter?” Keep their eyes safe with a reading light. The CeSunlight Rechargeable Reading Light slips around the readers neck and has adjustable arms so they can get the best lighting possible. This light is not only perfect in bed, but in planes, trains, and cars, allowing the reader to read without distracting the other passengers.


5. Book Tote

Help the environment while helping your reader at the same time! There are TONS of cute (and funny) totes out there for readers. Not only does having a reusable tote help the environment but when your reader goes to the library or book store the soft fabric straps will be easier to carry then those of a plastic bag. A cheeky bag such as the Library Card Tote or the Banned Books Tote will also make a funny talking piece! If your reader has a favorite local bookstore or library stop in to see if they sell totes with their logos on it so your reader can help support their favorite local book stops. 


BONUS ITEM: Special Edition of one of their favorite books

If your reader has an all time favorite book, try looking for a special edition of that book for them. While the contents of the book may be the same it is fun to see how the cover changes from edition to edition. If you can get your hands on one, getting the book from another country, or in another language can also be a fun gift for your reader. 

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