Don't Forget to Label Your Quilts

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Whether you are making a quilt as a baby gift, wedding gift, or just for your home it is essential to label your quilts! Quilts are made to be used and loved and they more they are used the softer they become and in that process they become heirlooms. Decades from now you want your great great great grandkids to know how much work you put into your quilt. Or if you are gifting a quilt you want the receiver to remember who made the quilt they can't sleep without on those cold winter nights.

What do you include on your label?

Now, I was thinking about this when making a wall hanging for the Modern Quilt Guild Swap. Because the wall hang is going to a fellow quilter (hi Sarah!) I knew I wanted to include different information than a quilt I would make for say a wedding, or a baby shower. There isn’t wrong and right information to include on a label but here are some of my go tos:

  • Recipient's Name
  • Giver’s Name
  • Date the Quilt was made
  • Where the quilt was made
  • Occasion (when applicable)
  • Milestone’s (i.e. your first quilt)
  • Quilt Pattern (and author?)
  • Care Instructions
  • A quote

How do I write my label?

There are a variety of ways to get the information from your mind and onto the piece of fabric that will become your quilt label!

Hand Stitch; if you are master with needle and thread you can simply hand stitch your message on to your label.

Use your machine; many machines come with an alphabet as a set of stitches. These are perfect for your label! Just be sure to practice before stitching onto your final piece of fabric (it can take a few tries to get it right). If you are using this method try to use a little bit of stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric, this can help make sure your letters don’t get distorted.

Machine Embroidery; if you own a sewing machine with an embroidery function it can be the perfect way to get some easy use out of the feature! It is also fun to use some elements that complement your fabric choices! 

Write it; using a Micron Pen you can simply write your message onto a piece of fabric without having to worry that the message will come off over time.

Micron Pens work great for quilt labels

How do I add my label?

There are SEW many ways to add this information to your quilt! Here are some of my favorites:

Before Quilting

If you think about it before quilting you can easily add the label to a pieced back or applique it onto the backing.

After Quilting

Easily add a label to the corner of your quilt by cutting a square (in the below example I used a five inch square), and folding it in half diagonally. Add this piece of fabric to the corner of your quilt as you are stitching down your binding!

Add a Piece of Fabric to the corner of your quilt for a label.

You can also include a folded stripe of fabric onto one of the sides of your binding.

Tag Styled Quilt Label

Before creating your binding you can stitch your message into your binding. Just be sure to be careful with your measurements!

Stitch Your Label Into Your Binding

After binding

Get your needle and thread ready! Simply create your label and then hand stitch your label onto your quilt, making sure to not go all the way through to the front side of your quilt!

Check out my "Don't Forget To Label Your Quilt" Pinterest Board for more inspiration!



How do you add labels to your quilt? 

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